In 2008, a top secret US submarine went missing on its test voyage off the coast of Antarctica. After years silent, its emergency beacon is suddenly activated, but strangely, the beacon is emanating from a point miles below the ice sheets of the frozen continent.

The race is on. The Chinese government, alerted at the same time as the Americans, is after the submarine’s secrets. And the Americans need to retrieve their technology, quickly and quietly, from a place now marked as an international forbidden zone.

With the reluctant assistance of petrobiologist Aimee Weir, Alex Hunter and his team of HAWCs return to the location of their first mission together.

Miles below the blinding white Antarctic surface, what our two teams encounter will freeze their blood with fear, and force them into a fight for both their survival and sanity.

Perfect for fans of Matthew Reilly, Steve Alten, Myke Cole, Graham Masterton, James Rollins and Michael Crichton.

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What critics are saying about Kraken Rising:

Beck is a master at building up suspense. If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would.
Myra Gabor, Horror Novel Reviews
I couldn’t have asked for a more solid story to take over where the first book left off. I highly recommend it – Rating: High.
Five stars for Kraken Rising. A great novel, perfectly-paced, with many old favorites appearing once again. Highly recommended.
Geoff Brown, President Australian Horror Writers Association 2011-2013. Editor – Cohesion Press.
I loved absolutely everything in this book, from it’s off the hook action sequences and spine tingling encounters right through to the moments of pure primordial terror. Kraken RISING is Beck’s best work yet… and the Arcadian is back. HELL YEAH!!!
Smash Dragons Book Reviews