The Valkeryn Chronicles

An epic adventure that spans worlds and time itself.

Valkeryn 2 – The Dark Lands

The wolf lives inside us all.

Enter the Dark Lands – The future does not belong to us anymore.

valkeryn 2 book imageThe mighty Wolfen of Valkeryn, descendants of the canines of the era of man, have ruled for many millennia. But now their kingdom has fallen to the monstrous hordes and the remaining Wolfen scattered.

Arnold ‘Arn’ Singer, a youth from the past and perhaps the last human being alive on the planet, finds himself cast into this maelstrom of chaos and horror. He seeks answers to the missing Ancients – mankind itself. But back in his time the world continues to destabilize. The portal through which he fell is destroying the planet. The portal must be closed. Arn holds the key, and our world and its future is at stake.
Colonel Marion Briggs leads a team of Special Operations soldiers into the distant future, fully armed and with one order – bring back Arn or his body.
But there are more dangers in this strange and beautiful world than anyone knew. More horrors dwell in the deep jungles, below the inland seas and deep below the earth. There are things that can change the shape of two worlds, tear at sanity, and stretch friendships and loves to the limit.
Valkeryn is an epic adventure that spans worlds and time itself.

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Valkeryn 1 – Return of the Ancients

valkeryn book imageReturn of the Ancients – the Valkeryn Chronicles is the first of a two part series and tells the story of a future world of great beauty and great horrors, and of two races who have fought a war for an eternity.
Arnold ’Arn’ Singer an average teenager living in Illinois is thrown forward into this world and finds he is the last human alive. The land is populated with mysterious and bloodthirsty creatures – some want him dead, while others see him as their only hope for survival – a return of one of the mysterious and all powerful ’Ancients.’
Arn has to survive in a hostile world and save his new friends, and also try and unravel the mystery of the disappearance of the human race. While the two mighty kingdoms prepare for a final war, Arn must make a fateful decision.

VALKERYN is an epic tale of love, honor, betrayal and war in a world both familiar and terrifying. The first book in an epic series of Speculative Fiction from bestselling author Greig Beck.  

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What the critics are saying about Valkeryn:

RETURN OF THE ANCIENTS: VALKERYN CHRONICLES – An engrossing plot, great character development, and was an excellent read that I could not put down – a great epic. I truly can’t wait until the next book comes out. Rating: High.
VALKERYN 2, The Dark Lands – a great conclusion. I haven’t been disappointed in anything by Greig Beck yet and I don’t expect I ever will be. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.
The Speed of Write, Book Review Blog
I highly recommend this book not only because of the subject matter and delightful surprises found throughout, but also because it was simply a well written read. If you have an affinity for Norse mythology, wolves, or speculative fiction future worlds, then this is a great addition to your library. I, for one, am excited for the next installment.
Voraciously Reads, Fiction Reviews USA
Time travel, tunnels with slimy things hiding in the dark, desert wastelands with giant bleached bones, and then a land populated by creatures that have evolved to be the new rulers of Earth – where was the kitchen sink?

This is Greig Becks first foray into speculative fiction, and I’m glad to see he hasn’t totally ignored all the things that make his books fun – some frightening elements, the humor, and the big action and adventure. The world Beck creates is one of wonder – from tiny vampire worms, to the giant forests, and also to the clues as to what happened to mankind and how the new `beings’ evolved.Arnold ‘Arn’ Singer is pulled into a black hole and hurtled into the future. The moon is closer now, and its light imbues him with the strength he needs to survive in a world that is deadly and beautiful. Two mighty races have evolved who are locked in an eternal war.

I loved the ruthless Colonel Marion Briggs who sends through some kick-ass Green Berets to bring Arn back – no spoilers, but I’ll just say, not everything goes to plan! Beck also includes one more new element in this book that I adored… a budding (unrequited?) romance between Arn and the female Valkeryn Eilif – I know its going to make me sad in the end….but fingers crossed!

Jean Sparrow, Fiction&Fantasy Reviews, Australia