‘Hell is not hot, or cold. Nor is it deep below ground, or somewhere in the sky. Instead it is a place on Earth filled with sucking bogs, disfiguring diseases and millions of tiny flesh-eating creatures. Hell is a jungle, and it is monstrously green.’ ― Greig Beck, This Green Hell.


The third Alex Hunter adventure.

Deep in the steaming jungles of Paraguay, Aimee Weir is in trouble.

The petrobiologist has found what she was looking for – a unique microorganism in a natural gas deposit – but it proves to be more destructive than anyone could have imagined. A contagion is striking down all in its wake. The camp is quarantined, but workers start to vanish in the night.

Is it fear of contamination – or has something far more lethal come to the surface? Something that has been trapped beneath the miles of stone, waiting… for us.

Alex Hunter – code name Arcadian – and his Hotzone All-Forces Warfare Commandos must be dropped in to the disaster area to do whatever it takes to stem the outbreak. It has been a year since Aimee has seen Alex; she thought she had left him for good. Now she needs him more than ever.

In the sweltering jungles of South America, the Arcadian must learn to master his violent inner demons for this rescue mission to have any chance of success. But can he survive long enough to confront the danger that threatens the very survival of mankind?

Nail-biting horror that will have you hiding under the covers as you read.’ – Warren Fahy, International Bestselling Author of Fragment.

WARNING: Contains Language, Violence, and Horror Themes.

Author Interview About Story Background

Sydney-based author Greig Beck, who has scored major German, US and UK publishing deals for his first books, says ‘I love horror, science fiction and thrillers and the inspiration for my novels usually lies with an historical point, myth or legend that I am captivated by. Also any new discoveries about our Earth and its people are fascinating.’

Greig went on to say, ‘Scientists are becoming more comfortable with the idea that life on Earth was ‘seeded’ from somewhere else in our universe. Evidence of these strange organisms is still turning up today – locked in ice, deep below the sea, or buried under miles of stone – some, I’m sure, are still to be found.

‘In the case of This Green Hell it was both the discovery of bacteria living far beneath the earth’s surface and the 16th and 17th century Jesuits who braved the jungles of South America to convert the indigenous peoples to Christianity. Many of them disappeared, never to be seen again. Most met brutal death at the hands of the local tribes, succumbed to disease, or madness. But others, just… vanished – how – why?

These collisions of strange events are the basis for my new story in This Green Hell. I hope you enjoy it.

Regards, Greig


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What the critics are saying about This Green Hell:

Publishing sensation Greig Beck is back – This Green Hell is a magnificent thriller with all the right elements. The author cleverly plays on subtle fears, with layers of suspense.
BK Richmond, The Daily Examiner
STEAMY – Danger, disappearances and contagion follow Dr Aimee Weir’s important discovery in the Paraguayan jungle. Author Beck piles on the action and suspense. In a word: steamy!
Gold Coast Bulletin
What a delight it is to see top sci-fi / horror coming out of this fair city — the plot moves along at breakneck speed. Bring on the next one. VERDICT: Page-turning thrills and spills.
Chris Hook, The Daily Telegraph (Book of the Week)
Greig Beck is Clive Cussler meets Matthew Reilly – Violent, visceral and very, very good fun.
Australian South Coast Register
Greig Beck returns to the world of Alex Hunter with great gusto. As with the other books there’s fantastic research woven into the story and it seems Greig really loves to throw together facts from all over the place and mix them with a generous dollop of action and what-if. It’s a winning combination (and) what gives this story real depth and interest long after the current threat is put to rest, and it’s what will make me rush out to get book four. This Green Hell is a smart, delightful read with a big heart. Four stars – ★★★★.
Keith Stevenson, Publisher & Editor Coeur de Lion Books