I grew up across the road from Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia.

My earliest memories were of sitting on the golden sand digging holes with my older brother and younger sister, my mother in bikini and dark sunglasses, and diving through the blue crashing waves with my father – long days of sandy feet and sunburned shoulders.

In my teens the surf still dominated; surfboard riding with my beach gang, the Rock Crew…..endless sunny days sitting on the beach when I should have been sitting in class (at least pretending to study). Between the sunshine and waves, there were the science fiction stories – great tales by Edger Rice Burroughs, H.G.Wells and Pierre Boulle. Writers who could create whole new worlds and beings that were wondrous and exciting.

The 1980s were also the halcyon days of the horror writer – King, Koontz, Herbert and above them all, stood my favourite, Graham Masterton. These were my influencers, they shape my writing even now; and they’re still my favourites today.

The end of the 80s also meant it was time to pursue a formal career. I studied computer science and then immersed myself in the financial software industry. The role took me to most of the financial capitals of the world – from Hong Kong and London to New York and back again. An MBA and later technology company directorships seemed to cement my trajectory. A busy life sure, but still there was time to write, and now, time to introduce Captain Alex Hunter and all his amazing abilities – extraordinary times demand an extraordinary character. Already he has been below the ice of the Antarctic, traversed the blazing deserts of the Middle East, and is currently hacking through the dark jungles of South America.

Today, I spend my days between the software industry, writing, travelling and enjoying time with my wife, young son, and Jess, an enormous black German Shepherd.