Cate Granger is chasing ghosts.

The monster shark she once encountered was a remnant of the ancient world – one that had escaped an underwater lair previously sealed off for millions of years. At great cost, Cate and her allies had killed the beast.

So, no more ghosts, no more shadows. All gone. Or so Cate thought.

Nightmares still plagued her and refused to let her rest. For centuries there had been reports of monstrous sea creatures taking lives, stalking coastal communities, and even sinking ships, and her haunted dreams drove her to find out more and seek out the basis of these legends.

In a small fishing village on the eastern coast of Australia she meets a group of local fisherman with tall tales to tell. But she sees real fear in their eyes, and a refusal to put to sea on the darkest nights.

Across the ocean, a petroleum research ship is sound-blasting the deep seabed looking for petroleum signatures. But in doing so they disturb something that has been hiding in the trenches for millions of years.

What Cate thought was dead, has now risen from the cold depths of hell, and she, Jack Monroe, a Russian billionaire, and her team of marine biologists are forced to enter the abyssal zone of the deepest ocean trenches, to confront a creature from the Earth’s distant past.

Greig Beck’s ABYSS is the explosive follow up to the blockbuster FATHOMLESS and is a journey that crosses oceans, travels to the bone beds of California and then dives to the very depths of a cold dark hell.

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