An aeon ago it crashed into the frozen earth. Millennia later it was removed from the icy soil, still functioning. They opened it … they shouldnt have.

The Russians have recovered a strange object buried for 100,000 years in the frozen tundra soil; what they discover is a horror beyond comprehension and a threat to the entire world.

Alex Hunter – in the mission that turned him from a normal man into the legendary Arcadian – and the elite team of soldiers known as the HAWCs, must rescue a rogue scientist and retrieve the mysterious package he carries with him. However, a brutal and relentless killer and his death squad are on their trail, and they bring a savagery with them that Hunter and his team have never witnessed before in modern warfare.

In this gripping expanded edition of Arcadian Genesis, the thrilling prequel to Beneath the Dark Ice, the HAWC team must race the clock to rescue the scientist, prevent the package from falling into the wrong hands, and save the world from a horror that should never have been woken. 

Warning: Language, violence, and horror themes.

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