The stunning PREQUEL to Beneath the Dark Ice.

An aeon ago it crashed into the frozen earth. Millennia later it was removed from the icy soil, still functioning. They opened it … they shouldn’t have.

Alex Hunter – in the mission that turned him from a normal man into the weapon known as the Arcadian – and the elite team of soldiers known as the Hotzone All-Forces Warfare Commandos must enter a hostile country to rescue a defected Chechen researcher from the center of a country at war.

But the HAWCs are not the only ones looking for the rogue scientist and the mysterious package he carries with him. A brutal and relentless killer and his death squad are on the trail too – and they bring a savagery with them Hunter and his team have never witnessed before in modern warfare.

In this stunning prequel to BENEATH THE DARK ICE, the HAWC team must race the clock to rescue the scientist, prevent the package from falling into the wrong hands … and save the world from a horror that should never have been woken.

From the Author – The Story’s Own Genesis:

arcadian genesisArcadian Genesis grew from the enormous amount of my reader’s requests to learn more about the background of some of my characters – in particular Alex Hunter, the Arcadian. Alex is an extraordinary man, for extraordinary adventures. I have alluded to several causes of his fantastic abilities in each of my stories, starting with the battlefield injury in Chechnya from Beneath the Dark Ice.

In this novella, I take my readers back to the Chechen countryside – a place still ravaged by the Russian/Chechen conflict. There we find a scientist on the run with something so unique that it will change our world forever. However, the Russians want the scientist back and also the mysterious package he holds, and will stop at nothing to get their way. But there is a greater danger. Something had arrived long before modern man walked the earth, and has been accidently woken by the scientist. Time is running out for Alex and his team as they find themselves trapped in a bleak and cold landscape that proves a defining moment in Alex’s life.

This was a fun short story to write, and I love that my publisher is able to get the book out quickly, globally and for a low price. Enjoy!


Greig Beck

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