It was true. It was all true.
And we were never meant to go there.

In December 2018, Ben Cartwright, former Special Forces soldier, and a team of naive explorers, followed the clues left by his ancestor to a hidden plateau in the middle of the Amazon jungle. It was said that once every 10 years, a secret pathway was revealed to a world long since gone.
They went, and what they found was a place of wonders and of horrors. Only Ben and his childhood love, Emma, survived. But when the doorway to the hidden world closed, Ben was trapped on the wrong side.

Arthur Conan Doyle’s Lost World turned out to be horrifyingly real. But it would be 10 years before the doorway opened again, and this time Emma would be ready. This time she had everything she needed to go back to that hellish place and survive. All she needed was for Ben to be alive when she got there.

PRIMORDIA II takes you to a prehistoric world, over mountains, through swamps, strange jungles, and to a primordial ocean, in the stunning sequel to the blockbusting PRIMORDIA.

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