Mike Monroe and Jane Baxter barely survived their terrifying journey to the center of the Earth.

But a burning curiosity still tormented them about the origins of the pale creatures in the stygian darkness of the caves, and why were their dreams also haunted by something huge and monstrous that seemed as old as time itself?

Now, news of a Russian military expedition has forced their hands, and also meant they must go back to a place they swore they’d never return. But this time they’re going with a team of highly skilled mercenaries and scientists to help them track the Russians and also help unlock the secrets hidden at the center of the planet.

But what they find is something that evolution created in an environment vastly different to that of the benign world of the surface. And something that waits eagerly for their return.

Return to the Center of the Earth is the sequel to the bestselling action/adventure blockbuster To the Center of the Earth and ramps up the thrills and terror in an awe-inspiring story that will leave readers gasping for breath.

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