The Mysterious Island: Beyond Odin’s Gate – Book 2

The legend of Lemuria, the Mysterious Island, and all its wonders and dangers were all too real. And it has been found.

But the ancient stories of the great treasure and great horrors that existed through the ice rift and beyond Odin’s Gate, could never have prepared them what they discovered – monstrous creatures that lived in the sea, in the air, and on land. And now Troy Strom and Anne Walsh are trapped there amongst them.

But they have a plan, and if they can retrieve the Heart of Odin, the massive ruby, they can use it to escape. Until then they must learn to live on a primordial island amongst horrifying life forms that defy the normal rules of evolution. To survive they need to travel into the dragon’s lair, and there find the truth about the ancient drekka of myth and what it guards, and also discover the fate of the first Viking clan that set foot there and what they had become.
Bestselling author Greig Beck takes us back to the mysterious hidden island, and ramps up the action, adventure, and horror to another level, making it an epic blockbuster on a grand scale.

Publication: 4th January 2023

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