100,000 years ago the object hit the lake at the deepest point,
quickly sinking into its mile-deep stygian darkness.

The sheets of ice closed, time moved on, and the land forgot.

But over the centuries, legends grew of people vanishing, of strange, deformed animals, and of an unexplained luminescence down in the lake depths.

When Marcus Stenson won the lucrative contract to create a sturgeon fish farm on the site of disused paper mill on the shore of Lake Baikal, he thought he had hit the jackpot, and refused to listen to the chilling folktales, or even be concerned by the occasional harassment from the local mafia. But then animals were found mutilated in the frozen forest, and people started to go missing. And worse, some came back, changed, horribly.

In the depths of the lake, something that had been waiting 100,000 years was stirring. And it needed the warmth of mankind to survive.

For lovers of John Carpenter’s The Thing, comes a tale of Alien Horror from international best selling author, Greig Beck.

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