VALKERYN is an epic tale of love, honor, betrayal and war in a world both familiar and terrifying.

The first book in an epic series of Speculative Fiction from bestselling author Greig Beck.  

Return of the Ancients – the Valkeryn Chronicles is the first of a two part series and tells the story of a future world of great beauty and great horrors, and of two races who have fought a war for an eternity.

Arnold ’Arn’ Singer an average teenager living in Illinois is thrown forward into this world and finds he is the last human alive. The land is populated with mysterious and bloodthirsty creatures – some want him dead, while others see him as their only hope for survival – a return of one of the mysterious and all powerful ’Ancients.’
Arn has to survive in a hostile world and save his new friends, and also try and unravel the mystery of the disappearance of the human race. While the two mighty kingdoms prepare for a final war, Arn must make a fateful decision.

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